Thai Masked Dance Hanuman

01. The Curse of Hanuman 02. Hanuman Meets Rama 03. Rama Heals The Hanuman's Curse 04. Vow of The Monkey Troops To Rama 05. The Dance of The Monkey Troops 06. Rama 1st Order to Hanuman 07. The Despair Sita 08. Hanuman in Fight 09. Building The Bridge to Across The Ocean 10. Hanuman and The Mermaid 11. The Deals between Hanuman and The Mermaid 12. Rama acrossing the Ocean with Hanuman as the General 13. Prepares For War 14. The Underspell Teacher ask Hanuman To Meet The Enemy Leader 15. The Underspell Teacher convince The Enemy Leader to Take Hanuman as a General 16. The Enemy Leader Agree with Hanuman to Become A General 17. The Hanuman as an Intruder General for Enemy 18. War!! 19. The Final Fight of Rama 20. Rama Wins The Fight, So He Can Bring Back Sita 21. The Mighty Hanuman The Posters


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