Klenengan Gobjog (Lokananta ACD001)


Klenengan Gobjog.

CD Release date: 17th April 2006.

LOK 006 KLENENGAN GOBJOG?Lokananta cassette ACD 001 KLENENGAN GOBJOB was issued on 30th October 1971
Keluarga Karawitan Studio RRI Surakarta director P Atmasunarto.

1. Ldr. Ginondjing Slendro. manyura.
pesindhen: Prenjak

In addition to its use as a concert piece, Ladrang Ginondjing is also used for the dance Bondhan. In this performance the dancers carry dolls to represent small children who are rocked to sleep. They also carry umbrellas and dance on earthenware jugs.
Song text: My hansdsome younger brother
Come with me, Mother is cooking for you
An oriole bird is flying overhead, I rock you to sleep
I hope when you are older, you will dare to fight in the resistance

2. Ldr. Tirta Kentjana, Pelog Nem
pesinden: Soemarmi

The gerong text used is salisir.
The music alternates between the ciblon drum and two ladrang drums
The Selisir text contains light-hearted banter between a man and woman.
The arrangement of the piece from ladrang to ladrang is known as Gegot (gending Gecul)
This piece provided the choreographer S Ngaliman with inspiration for his dance Joko Tharub in 1976- 77.

3. Ldr. Tjluntang Rinengga – Slendro. Sanga.
Attributed to Sultan Pakubuwono IV
pesinden: Soemarmi

This text was written by Nartosabdo, It is a description taken from the shadow puppet theatre. Sometimes Nartosabdo created joint compositions. He was a puppeteer and rebab player.

Tjluntang means impudent, and this piece continues into gending Loro Wudu.
Loro means ill, Wudu means insane. This tune usually describes a comical character such as Janaka. The text tells how many people are enchanted with Janakaís beauty and believe him to be a god although he claims to be no more than a human. Not only women but men also are charmed to see him. Some give him flowers, others food and other gifts.

A most unusual aspect of this performance is that there are two choirs singing in this piece.

4. Gambir Sawit Pl. nem, (molak-malik)
pesinden : Prendjak

Gambir Sawit can be performed in slendro pathet sanga or pelog pathet nem. It is suitable for accompanying the gambyong dance. The former Majapahit empire which was Hindu/Buddihst was at last penetrated by the force of Islam.

Gambir Sawit is a tune which celebrates the Hindu/Buddhist peoples’ wish to be able to convert to Islam at the end of the Majapahit empire. In the year 1478 the Majapahit empire was declining, enabling Islam to enter into that kingdom. As many people decided to convert to the Islamic faith Sunan Kalijaga celebrated the ease with which they could do so by composing the tune Gambir Sawit, which refers to this ease of the people’s entry into Islam in happiness and without force.

Gambir Sawit is one of the primary light classical pieces in the Central Javanese repertoire. It is one of the first pieces that a musician would learn after they have mastered all the Ladrangs and the fast pieces etc.

This piece is known by all gamelan musicians who play in the Solo/Jogyanese style. It is defined as light classical because it has a longer form and therefore in Jogya but especially in Solo the rebab, the gender and the persinden get to do more improvisation. There’s more space, which makes it light classical.

5. Djineman Ulerkambang, Sl. mn.
pesinden: Prendjak

Djineman means calm, and this form is often used when there is a change of pathet. Sinden: Prendjak

Uler means worm. Kambang means a worm in the water (a leech). The text is a Wangsalan consisting of 24 syllables. Ladrang Pakumpulan was created by several people, and as it is well-known, several gending Santiswara were also written. The batik dance composed by S Ngaliman in 1970 is performed by young people.

It uses the gerongan text salisir. This piece is often played at 12 oíclock midnight. It is used to wake the spirits of the musicians.

6. Ldr. Pangkur Pl.br.
pesinden: Woro Podang

This ladrang was composed from a macapat song during the reign of Pakubuwono X/ Mangkunegara IV. At his time Raden Mas and Haryo Kusumo often held meetings at Langen Harjo.


  1. Detach yourself from the breath of greed because of the pleasure of educating a child to the shape of syair and melody and shaped with many variations Let the glorious knowledge of life which is acquired
    The land of Indonesia the real oneand a religion which is good to follow.
  2. Getting ready and giving in the Wedatama so that you do not misunderstand that it is true, even though the already aged
    no longer feel emotions, in fact without use part of the eaten sugar cane is thrown away. In that meeting we often feel wrong and shy
  3. Only going with what you want for yourself alone when you talk and do not count your words You don’t want to be seen as stupid only drunk with flattery even though a person is clever often always de-facing/lowering yourself to fake,to believe all is well.

Bersama Keluarga Karawitan RRI Surakarta kita nikmati

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